Tuesday, 13 May 2014

OPI - Hollywood If I Could & Essie - Go Ginza

Essie Go Ginza is a perfect no hassle manicure. It looks so immaculate with such little effort, I absolutely love it! You need about two coats and they seem to dry really quickly. I tend to avoid a top coat, as the glossy finish it provides it all you need. 

This time I added one coat of OPI Hollywood If I Could to the top, as a girl can never have too much glitter right? This glitter coat is slightly different from the traditional smaller glitter particles, as it contains both small and large glitter, in the form of strands. I think this makes it easier to apply as it comes out as a more all over coverage, rather than it seeming to be more condensed in certain parts of the nail. This is my favourite glitter top coat at the moment, as it goes really well with any colour and only one coat is needed, which is great as I am not keen on paying shipping to get another bottle.  The two together give a really nice take on a simple, polished, pale pink mani that is great for spring. 

What do you think? Have you any great spring combinations to try? 

Sunday, 11 May 2014

Update #1

Recently my life has not been the most interesting, it is mainly consisting of revision and things to get  me through my revision. This consists of music (American Authors are on repeat at the moment), Chloe, coffee, hot salsa and nachos (I read somewhere that it gives you a little pick me up), and of course more coffee. 

Have you got any things that help you to get through your revision, or any tips that could help me be more motivated in the next few week?

Friday, 9 May 2014

Coach - Madison Cafe Carryall

I am a big fan of Coach bags, they are just such high quality bags, have so many different styles and lets be very vain (and honest) here and say, how gorgeous and stylish they all are.  

The bag is of such high quality, the zips unbelievably smooth, the handles, although seemingly thin for such a bag, are very durable, with metal attaching them to the body of the bag at thick leather loops. 

The subtle extra embellishments are a gorgeous extra, with the gold metal zips and attachments, they set the bag off beautifully, adding to its luxurious feel and adding that je ne sais quoi when it comes to class. 

I wanted a black bag to be more of a suits any outfit sort of bag and one that could hold a lot and this bag ticks all the right boxes. It consists of three compartments, yet not structured compartments, which I am a big advocate of, as I like to have a lot of things and not having to play tetris to fit them in my bag is a massive bonus. The bag looks reasonably symmetrical, having one centre compartment of a reasonably large size, closed by a zip. The two compartments either side are more of less the same, however the back compartment is sealed with a zip, the from one with a magnetic clasp. I love the front compartment for those easy to grab items, yet it is so close to your arm you don't worry about people being able to see what is inside. 

The leather itself is not your classic smooth leather, but I wouldn't go as far as to say pebbled, more a hybrid of the two, combining to give a beautifully smooth leather that moulds easily and yet keeps it structure true to the bags initial shape, so you don't look like you are carrying as much as you really are, I wouldn't compare it to Mary Poppins' bag, but the thought did cross my mind! 

I am so smitten with my bag and I am glad I added it to my collection, hopefully soon to be followed by another.  Have you tried anything by Coach? 

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Home Extras

I love little things like these for the home, to hang all over the house adding little positive thoughts, pictures, hearts without it looking too cluttered or tacky.

I picked this one up in a little shop in Stratford-upon-Avon when visiting a friend last year. I think it was about £2.99, and I am sure it wasn't specific to that shop, I would guess you could walk into another cute little shop and find one for yourselves.

It really does cheer you up when you have a problem, as how many times have you laughed about it after the event? So, skip the middle worrying part, laugh about it and get on with solving it!

Have you got any cute little signs that I should be searching for when I'm next out shopping?

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Cath Kidston Ticket Holder

Getting the train and loosing your ticket in the abyss of your handbag can be a pain in the you know what. My friend, knowing this, bought me this gorgeous Cath Kidston ticket holder, I am not sure if the same design is still available, but all the designs are beautiful! 

What I particularly love about this ticket holder, if that it gives you the option to have three cards, tickets, whatever you choose, there are three slots! I think this is much better than two, as although I don't use mine for my student rail card, you often need your ticket, your student rail card and I always have something else in the third slot. Be it my student ID, be it if you have a bus pass, or even a bank card, Boots advantage card, you name it, the third slot will be put to good use!

I personally think my Starbucks card is a necessity when travelling, so of course, my third slot is more often than not, used for that!

You can see the beautiful design and in such a bold colour I am super geeky and feel quite chuffed with myself when showing the ticket checker my ticket!

Have you indulged in any Cath Kidston gorgeousness recently?

Sunday, 27 April 2014

New Camera

I recently invested in a new camera; a Canon SX280 (if I remember correctly) and I thought I would show you a couple of the pictures if took in the sunshine. I am aware lots of bloggers opt for other cameras, but I really wanted one I could fit in my bag easily! This camera really does tick all the boxes in terms of quality, ease of use, with various other options once I have worked them all out, and of course, no point in having a camera if I can't lug it around with me to actually take the photos, so the size is perfect! Not much bigger than a normal camera! 

Just look at how blue that sky is! How pink the flowers are! I have not edited this picture at all; it went straight from the camera, to my computer and into a post! I would never have been able to get that vibrancy with my old camera.  Of course, no new camera is complete without a few dozen shots of Chloe within the first hour of taking it out of the box! The sun got a bit too much for her bless her little cotton paws!

What cameras do you use?